[Rustington] Last meet of the year this Weds

Martin Osment osment.martinc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 21:30:47 UTC 2018

Would Central Works, Bridge Road Worthing help as a stable / long term
We are just setting up a training room for the mobility charity, Freedom
Powerchairs. I was there earlier today and it is usable.
Early days, but Power, loo, Plenty of chairs, 2 computer trollies and a
small table which will seat 6 - tea and coffee in nextdoor workshop mess
room, parking for 2 smallish cars easy in front of the room, more nearby. I
have a 30Gb data allowance on a mobile phone which can be used a local hot
spot, and can be there from 1430. (I am dealing with mobility clients
before that).


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> Once again out homeless group is looking for a venue ;-)
> If we can talk Trevor into another visit, I have put 32 bit Linux mate 19
> on an old hard disk which seems to run beautifully on my oldest working
> machine so I'd like to try a transplant. Curiously there was a mention on
> the first live disk boot menu about PAE - physical address extension which
> Stuart had had a problem with, but I stayed with the default which
> hesitated and grumbled briefly but then went on to install without further
> fuss.
> Hope to see as many as possible wherever we end up
> P
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