[Rustington] Virtual meeting Wed 14th May

david david at m1.arnstein.name
Tue May 12 13:33:37 UTC 2020

Hi All,

Paul asked me to circulate to everyone that I will set up another
virtual meeting for 2pm on Wednesday.

This time we will try Jitsi Meet which is very much like Zoom but is an
open source project.

The url to use will be: https://meet.jit.si/ruslugwed14

This is using the Jitsi public service.

It is recommended you use the Chromium/Chrome browser on a desktop,
laptop or Chromebook. If you put the url into the browser on an android
device you will be prompted to download their app - this seems to be
necessary for using Jitsi Meet on android.

I have used Firefox successfully but after having just updated Firefox
to a new version it seems Jitis Meet does not always work now.

If you have problems with joining give me a call on 01903 770608 or
send an email.

If for any reason the Jitsi Meet meeting proves a disaster (!) we will
fall back on Zoom. 

You may be interested that I have also set up a private Jitsi Meet
service which has had some success but when we experimented today a
third person joining the meeting cut off the video and audio of the
second person! I will look into this problem at some point but not in
time for tomorrow, hence the use of the public server.


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