[Rustington] Portsmouth and South East Hants LUG - IRL and virtual meet November 19th

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Wed Nov 17 16:44:31 UTC 2021

Erm.... third time lucky? It is actually the 20th November not the 19th, 
but I'm sure you all knew that!

On 12/11/2021 23:12, Paul Tansom via Rustington wrote:
> We are back to meetings at Broad Oak this month, with the usual IRL
> start of 1pm, and sandwiches will be available (for those attending in
> person and wanting to partake).
> Things have changed a little since we last met as there are no longer
> any doors on the meeting room. It isn't generally noisy and it will help
> with ventilation, so shouldn't be an issue. There is also the
> possibility that we can use the downstairs meeting room if there isn't a
> function on for some meetings - it will be clearly signposted or
> announced if we aren't in our usual 'room'.
> For those either not wanting to attend in person, or not able to (to far
> to travel perhaps), I will be running the Jitsi room to see how the two
> work together - one challenge that comes to mind is if everyone at the
> meet is on Jitsi as well it may well challenge our bandwidth and data
> use, but we will see how it goes.
> See you there (virtually or in person) or, well, erm, not I guess - it
> is purely voluntary, but we still don't bite and we have no plans to.
> To join virtually head to:
> https://meet.jit.si/plugmeet
> I will enable the lobby as well as the password of 'sat21'. If for some
> reason the URL above has been grabbed I will update via the list and
> website (you don't seem to be able to reserve them).
> I use Firefox, but I have heard that some have had issues and 
> recommend Chrome or Chromium. There is also an app that you will be 
> asked to download if you are using Android or Apple (it is also 
> available through F-Droid).
> If anyone wants to join by phone I can email a code when the meeting 
> starts (I don't think it gets created until then with Jitsi), but I 
> have no idea where you stand on call costs. It came up at the IWPCUG / 
> IOWLUG meet and I investigated.
> Keep safe.
> Thanks,
> Paul
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