[Rustington] Next weds (12th)

Paul Willis phwillis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 11:02:16 UTC 2022

Offer gratefully accepted from Derek to meet at his house again. His
neighbour Trevor has been in touch after trying to get started again with
Linux. Some new blood!

I read about mx21 as the most popular download of last year and have tried
it on three machines with excellent results! The old u3a laptop has it
installed, my daughter's old laptop with no hard disc seems to have
repaired itself and my main pc enjoyed the live disc too. Learned a couple
of things along the way that I can talk about on weds.

Also found a u3a coding cafe online that I've been given access to. Not
been in yet but hope to have something to report next week.

U3A is worrying about Omicron, small groups ok, but I will do a flow test
on weds morning which might be a good idea for all of us. Officially we're
supposed to distance, ventilate and wear masks.

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