[sclug] Video -> DVD ?

James Fidell james at cloud9.co.uk
Fri Dec 5 18:15:30 UTC 2003

Quoting David Herring (dave at netfm.org):

> Wondering what linux programs exist to read a video tape and copy onto a 
> DVD.
> Anyone done this ?

Kind of.  Recording DVDs is something I've not tried under Linux yet --
I only installed my DVD burner last weekend, but I have a MythTV box
(www.mythtv.org) that records a TV signal to disk and would presumably
record a video signal through a TV card..  The file format isn't
suitable for writing to a DVD (or at least, that's the impression I'm
under), but it can be transcoded into a suitable format.  There may be
information on the website and in the mailing list archives that will
help you.

Alternatively, it may be possible to use mplayer/mencoder to read
direct from a TV card and write a DVD compatible file.


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