[sclug] A Hello.

Graham Balharrie graham at hollymoon.co.uk
Tue Dec 9 20:08:16 UTC 2003

I thought I'd just write this email, (even if it is from a Windoze box... gah)  to say Hello to everybody, as I only just subscribed to this list here :)

I'm in Maidenhead, if anyone knows their way round there, i'm pretty much near Altwood School.

I'd like to come to one of the meetings sometime, sounds like a good evening... maybe not tomorrow, bit short notice but hey.  

I'm mainly interested in using linux for multimedia box purposes and networking (i'm interested in setting up/joining a wireless network in the area- anyone kno anything?)  and of course it being my day to day O/S.

Nice to find a LUG round here.
-Graham Balharrie
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