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Andrew Sharp andrew.sharp3 at ntlworld.com
Mon Dec 29 11:21:50 UTC 2003

Happy New Year to you all.

I am a silent group member who needs some key advice at this moment in time. I use Linux as a preference to Windows as a desktop user with my own little network playing administrator to other little Windows users, although I am converting the wife round to Linux.

I do have a number of questions bottled up from my Linux experiences, many of them pretty fundamental.

  a.. Is there any company locally who could build a machine with Linux built in and possibly 'locally' configured? 
  b.. Is there a company that offers Linux training? I need it for administration work, knowing how to share files and printers over the network, things I don't think twice about when I am using Windows. With Linux, I get the yips, especially when my network gets screwed as a result. Playing with Linux is generally a learning curve and my wife is reluctant to take Linux on full time when so many things need configuring to users needs.
  c.. Here's a good example. Has anyone managed to get the scanner going on the HP PSC 750 all-in-one lump, preferably using SuSE 8.2?
  d.. What INTERNAL hardware modems are recommended by sclug users and how much are they? External ones are idiot proof, but need an extra plug socket, but with my network hub, my broadband, my tower and monitor and speakers and my printer, I have run out of safe options on my extension lead!
  e.. Is there any recommended MySQL (or equivalent) training? I have tried getting used to it, but I can't even make a user with a password that works! Security is an important isue for me, so some supervised tutoring would be a boon. Knowing I can't crack even this little thing is a bit discouraging. I can't find a college that does it or any other training provider.

Who is responsible for promoting Linux in this area, besides yourselves? 

I am currently unemployed and would love to help promote the cause or work for a Linux friendly company. I am a qualified NVQ assessor D33 and an electronics engineer (usually digital video) if anyone is interested.

If anyone can come up with any ideas to the above queries, I shall be grateful.

Andrew Sharp


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