[sclug] Ways of updating a web site

Antony Bartlett akb at akb.me.uk
Tue Dec 30 17:59:47 UTC 2003

What way of updating their web-site would you guys recommend to beginners?
I thought I'd ask because it's something I've been asked myself a couple 
of times recently, and don't feel I have an adequate answer.

I could have been a big fan of Freeserve's site builder 
(http://sitebuilder.freeserve.com).  The entirely web-based interface 
seems ideal for beginners, with the second tier - FTP My Site ensuring 
it has some life beyond that too.  Except that:

1) Now that my girlfriend has been using it for a couple of weeks, it's 
starting to look a little flaky to us.
2) There's no way of writing standard html.  I had fun creating this, by 
the way:  http://standards.mysite.freeserve.com
3) Obviously it's closed source, so I can't do anything about either of 
the above.

So now I'm looking for some nice open source web-app/groupware, that I 
could run up on a Linux box somewhere, or which is already hosted.  I've 
seen a few nice looking on-line html editors, and it looks to me like 
any idiot could write a GeoCities style interface in PHP for uploading 
files to the web - you know, a web-page with a browse button and an 
upload button that you need a password to access.  Hell, I've just 
started learning PHP, I probably AM that idiot.  But I've yet to see the 
complete package.

Any advice appreciated.  If I'm slow to respond, it's because I'm about 
to start trying to build Linux From Scratch (which I've long promised 
myself I'm going to have a go at), and my system is probably tied up in 
hideous knots a long way from any web connectivity or mail clients ;-)

    Best wishes,


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