[sclug] Introduction

Ian Michell ian.michell at hanzi.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 13:18:17 UTC 2003

I currently use Fedora Core 1 on all my computers at home, I am a 
software developer. I don't use Windows at home (Have it installed on my 
PC and Laptop: For job related purposes as I am currently having to 
develop software on the Windows 
platform.................................. Even though I will not allow 
anyone to use windows in my house ;) ) Uh my prefered desktop enviroment 
at the moment is GNOME, although I have a soft spot for WindowMaker, my 
favourite tool kit is QT, although I have a problem with the licensing, 
so am writing a C++ wrapper for GTK :)

Languages I program in are: C/C++, Java, HTML, Cold Fusion, PHP, Shell 
Scripting, ASP.NET (C#), a little Python, Javascript.

The languages I most commonly use (outside of work): C/C++, HTML, PHP, 

The only text editor I will use (In Windows / Linux) is VIM, (unless I 
am doing web stuff in windows(use Dreamweaver MX (seldom though)).

Favourite Linux applications: Mozilla, Epiphany, The GIMP, Sodipodi, VI 
(probably ranked top with Epiphany and The GIMP), Evolution.

PC Specs: 
[Main PC]
Hostname: nobby
Athlon XP 2600+
512MB 333MHz DDR-Ram
120GB HD
GeForce 4 Ti4200 8x AGP 64MB
Sound Blaster Audigy
48x 24x 48x CD-RW
16x DVD
19" CRT Monitor

Hostname: bessy
Packard Bell
Pentium 4 2.8GHz
512MB DDR Ram
15" TFT
nVidia GeForce 4 440 Go 64MB

[Server] (Don't Laugh, he old)
Hostname: moleman
Celeron 466
128MB Ram
3GB HD (Hey I got it for free, will donate him to charity when I get my 
Athlon 64 ;) )
Riva TNT2 32MB

Uhh thats about all I can think of for the moment ;)



Chris Aitken wrote:

>>Greetings all,
>>I would like to indroduce myself, I am Ian Michell, I am a 
>>Linux user of 
>>over 5 years and I have been living in the UK and Berkshire 
>>for the last 
>>19 months :)
>Welcome along Ian
>What is your weapon of choice, distro wise, and what do you use Linux for?

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