[sclug] Weapon of choice

Bob Franklin r.c.franklin at reading.ac.uk
Wed Nov 26 16:03:45 UTC 2003

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Ian Michell wrote:

> May I ask everyone what distro's they use?????

SuSE 7.2 Pro on my home server.  However, I think it stopped being
supported at the end of September this year so I'm wondering what to
replace it with.

My main requirements are that they will provide security patches for
things which I can easily download and apply; I'm not concerned about the
desktop (I don't use it) or user-level controls (I tend to install it and
leave it).  I'm also not bothered about updates to things I tend to fiddle
with and want upgrading (e.g. Samba, the kernel) since I tend to install
that myself.

I was thinking RedHat or SuSE, but changes with both of those make me a
little unsure.

I'm even happy to pay out up to 100 quid-or-so to show my appreciation,
since I tend to stick with the installation for its lifetime (hopefully
3 years or so).

Debian was painful last time I tried it (many, many years ago) - unsure
what it's like these days.

I don't want to start a holy war, but what do people recommend?  I just
want a rock-solid server distribution.

  - Bob

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