(Fwd) Re: [sclug] Socket timeout

Douglas Holden listsetc at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 29 23:38:53 UTC 2003

> Fedora still uses RPM. Apt is just a dependency resolution tool; it
> originally used Debian's dpkg for package management, but Connectiva 
> ported
> it to use RPM.
> > Doug
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I remeber hearing about Apt being ported now but I had not realised they
would make it ork with RPMs. I suppose if it was still using dpkg it
would really still be Debian.
I wonder when Debian no longer is Debian (assuming that the social
contract is not broken)? I got an email newsletter from Tal Danzig about
the Xadminmenu package that they wrote for Libranet, saying that they
were planning to maintain their own mirrors to make sure that upgrading
using apt-get would not break it. This seems to have put peoples's minds
at rest, judging by the cessation of postings in the Libranet list about
Xadminmenu being broken by apt-get dist-upgrade. I was expecting someone
to ask if it would be OK to "censor" packages but perhaps they are only
making sure that the latest versions are available and I have got the
wrong end of the stick (again).

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