[sclug] Sharp SL-5500 Zaurus i

Tom Dawes-Gamble tmdg at tmdg.co.uk
Sat Apr 3 08:54:43 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 12:09, Rachel Andrew wrote:
> > Is any one using one ?
> I have a SL-5500 ... I've had it a while and it's great :)
> Has anyone had any joy in synching then with Evolution? I've recently
> started using Evolution and would use the calendar if I could sync it
> with my Zaurus (I'm currently using the Qtopia Desktop software on
> doze).

I have one too.  But I don't think I could recommend it to anyone.

The battery life in mine is crap. Not helped by the fact the On/Off
button is too exposed. There are tools to sync with Evolution but it's
like most Linux things it's rather user hostile.

I've also found that there is plenty of useful add-on apps but many are
not compatible we the OS shipped with the Zaurus and require OpenZaurus
others only work with the Shipped OS.

It is quite neat running a web server on you palm top but not much use. 
The VNC software works well as does ssh and GPG.  

I have to admit I was rather hoping that I could use my Zaurus to sync
my work and Private diary.  But that is pipedream stuff.  I installed
the sync software on my Work PC plugged in the Zaurus and bingo it
synced the diary with my OutLook diary.  I then tried the same trick on
my home system.  Nothing.  I think is just hung the box.  I've had some
success using the Wireless LAN to sync and transfer but it's not what
I'd call easy.  With window you just 
put the Zaurus in the Doc and press sync.  With Linux it's not like that
you have all sorts of "Choices" but there is no Plug it in to the dock
and press sync option that worked for me.  So I use my Partners PC
running Windows to sync at home.

I managed to break the stylus.  A new one is ?25 so I now use a none
sharp stylus made from Steel with a small nylon tip.  It doesn't fit the
Zaurus holder for but then it can be left loose with out fear of


main(int c,char **v){long x;while(--c){sscanf(*++v,"%li",&x);
printf("Decimal = %ld\nHex = 0x%lx\nOctal = 0%lo\n",x,x,x);}}  
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