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Scott Rixon Scott at Green-Flag.com
Sun Apr 4 18:01:40 UTC 2004

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Sounds like a great board. ;-) I have always stuck with Intel (Company I
work for are an IPI) I know I have been brain washed by them but they do
appear to make better products..

Intel 875 Chipset SATA works without any problems.. With the release of
Sarge Beta 3 you can even boot from it without any hard work...

Sorry I can't help....


Ian Michell wrote:
| Hi there,
| Well I got myself a motherboard, I just went into PCWorld and bought an
| Epox NForce2 ultra400 (punish me for going to PCWorld later!). I also
| ended up buying a new power supply (ultra quiet one), so I have finally
| bloody got a plug for my sata. But....
| Here it comes, my god damned stupid adaptec proprietry crappy SATA card
| does not bloody work in linux! :P (see I can do it hehe!!).
| They give out drivers for redhat 9, but no bloody source, the stupid
| bastards, don't the realize some of us don't use redhat and use things
| like gentoo?????? It bloody annoys me. Oh the SATA card is seen by
| 2.6.3, but the point is I keep getting this message:
| hde: lost interupt
| It appears that the Adaptec AAR1210SA is based on a Silicon Image 3112.
| Frustrating............ Has anyone had any luck with this sorta thing? I
| know its not my card causing grief (windows (.......) installed fine
| (after having my the bootable cd supplied by adaptec lockup because it
| didn't like my ide controllers!!)).
| I am tempted to write a new driver myself, but I rather save myself the
| time and buy a new one! Uh so has anyone fought with this type of card
| before???
| Ian
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