[sclug] Small Linux Distro / Laptop

Graham Balharrie graham at hollymoon.co.uk
Mon Apr 5 22:23:52 UTC 2004

Hey guys, I'm after some advice.

I have an old IBM Laptop, a ThinkPad 755c.
Basicaly it's a 486DX266 with floppy and PCMCIA

I would like to get it up and running using a "small" linux distro.
Obviously I wont be fragging online with my favourite Linux Quake
Client, but I would like to use the system to be a digital picture
Idea - have a small ftp server, and an application that displays the
photos in a directory randomly.

Can you recommend a distro that I could achieve this with?
I would preferably like a network install...
Thanks guys.

Graham Balharrie

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