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On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Tony Sumner wrote:

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> > While purchasers of software are accustomed to paying widely varying
> > prices for what amounts to a CD because of the value that they feel
> > that they can extract from use of the embodied application ... sails
> > pretty close to fraud
> I am not sure about that. Customers are happy to pay more for increased
> satisfaction. Like theatre tickets; in more expensive seats you get a 
> better view but the actors are the same.

That's not really a fair analogy.

A fairer analogy would be for the theatre to sell you a "cheap ticket" which
you might expect to give you a seat up in the gods or something. Instead,
due to high demand for cheap seats, and low demand for posh seats, they sit
you in one of the posh seats, but put a 6' high cardboard cutout in the seat
in front of you to deliberately obscure your view. The terms and conditions
on the ticket forbid you from removing the cardboard cutout.

The problems come when someone buys a cheap ticket hoping for this
eventuality, but wanting to remove that pesky cardboard-cutout in front of

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