[sclug] NTL have caught up with me

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Wed Apr 7 15:40:07 UTC 2004

> >Just received a letter from NTL telling me
> >that net.ntl.com is going away in July.
> >I cannot complain, I have been getting a 600K
> >cable modem connection for only ?2 more than
> >the 150K price (I am one of their early customers
> >and they carried on charging me at the old rate).
> >Loosing my home email address is a bit of a pain though.
> >

1. What is net.ntl.com

> >If I have to loose my email address I might as well look
> >around.  Does anybody have any suggestions?
> >
> >   o keep quiet and see if they carry on billing me for the
> >cable modem service only...
> >
> >   o try and get a discount because I am already wired up and
> >bought my own cable modem...
> >
> >   o convince them to supply me with a
> >http://www.netgear.com/products/prod_details.php?prodID=174
> >as my 'free' cable modem...
> >
> >   o go elsewhere...

> Well as everyone knows, I have a 1MB link through NTL and I have never
> had a problem

2. I didnt know you had a 1Mb link.


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