[sclug] NTL have caught up with me

Derek M Jones derek at knosof.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 17:00:33 UTC 2004

>>2. I didnt know you had a 1Mb link.
>Damn! I knew I did something wrong!!! I was supposed to gloat :P (just kidding). hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh well, NTL aren't bad they are getting better, as long as they don't much about. One thing I do know (from someone I know who works in customer services, is that the home made software they use is crap and that they hardly know what the hell is going on half the time, so I would keep it quiet!).

My sister just had NTL installed.  Without me going round to
set it up they would never have got it running.  The official
NTL site is almost devoid of information (with some searching
it is possible to find the address of the POP server {I had forgotten
to write it down before going round}).

The NTLhell site: http://www.ntlhell.co.uk/ was started by a  customer
and then bought out by NTL.  It does contain the odd bit of useful

It's having to deal with support that I dread.  I recently moved the
company web site to a cheaper tariff at Demon.  I'm not sure the
hassle and cock-ups I had to put up with were worth the ?80 saved.

I do have a lamp post almost outside my house though


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