[sclug] anyone tried gnome 2.6?

Ian Michell ian.michell at hanzi.co.uk
Thu Apr 8 08:34:00 UTC 2004

Ian Michell wrote:

> Howzit!
> Well I just emerge 2.6 onto my fresh Gentoo installation (got my sata 
> working). Looks quite good, although I let it run overnight :S so I 
> didn't get much of a chance  to play :(
> Anyone tried it yet? One thing I can say is that it is f**king at 
> least 2x as fast as 2.4! And very repsonsive ontop of kernel 2.6 :-D
> Ian
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Right a nice little summary on Gnome 2.6. All I can is that it is so 
damned fast! Its a desktop on a lot of caffine! It looks great! They 
have finally got rid of that damned crappy file dialog and replaced it 
with somthing a little better looking.

I am not sure I like having a spatial nautilus, to most users this would 
be like taking a step back to windows 95 days (for those that really 
have no clue what spatial is). But dealing with spatial software is nice 
(loads of mapping software development here, even gives me a few ideas!).

Even though I am a Gentoo fan and get bleeding edge stuff all the time. 
You can still use Debian and of course that other OS that I will 
probably never use again *cough* redhat *cough*.

Have fun :)


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