[sclug] Spring cleaning

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sat Apr 17 14:42:59 UTC 2004

Simon Huggins wrote:
> Eh what?  Build everything?  Er, why?  :)
> I think I'd rather watch paint dry than watch X compile and you
> certainly wouldn't want to do the building on the mini-itx box.  I
> haven't tried a kdrive X server but I'm told X needs about 2GB of disk
> to build.


You see, I'm not coming from this from the desktop mindset. I'm coming 
from this from the embedded mindset. What I want is a single, consistent 
source tree that I can cross-compile into a CD image. I want to be able 
to check everything out of CVS and reproduce, exactly, that image for 
any version of my program. It's not going to be built on the mini-ITX 
box, ever.

I *did* think about using Debian's ability to install packages to 
arbitrary locations to write a script that would install the appropriate 
packages, delete all the extraneous stuff (/usr/share/doc, for example) 
and then add my custom code, but that runs into problems when I want to 
use a customised version of a major package. KDrive X, for example. 
There's no Debian package for that (plus you need one for each supported 
video card).

BSD makes all this so much easier. I just say, check out this stuff from 
the BSD CVS repository, apply my patch, build, burn.

...hmm. A quick web search reveals a DVB-s OpenBSD driver at 
http://www.alloyant.com/dvb/. Maybe I should start looking into this 

> Why did you pick mplayer over xine OOI?

I know mplayer... xine could well be a better option. Something I would 
need to look in to.

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