[sclug] Content Management Systems (again)

Antony Bartlett akb at akb.me.uk
Mon Feb 2 19:27:05 UTC 2004

Last time I posted here about Content Management Systems I'd decided to 
look into what Zope could do for me.  Having done a bit of this, and 
despite being duly impressed by much that I've seen, I have decided that 
Zope is not for me.  It seemed that every time I tried to anything 
non-trivial, I got unpredictable results, including something (I've no 
idea what is was I did) that completely killed the performance of  the 
Zope server.

I think I'll try something PHP based next, as I've been using PHP for 
other things for a couple of months now, and have been greatly impressed 
by it.  It would certainly be my language of choice for doing pretty 
much anything web-related (whereas the Python/Html combination that is 
TAL, wouldn't really)


apt-cache search nuke

....on my nice new Debian Woody installation failed to reveal any of the 
usual suspects (php-nuke or post-nuke, although it did reveal a 
death-match game that sounded most intriguing).  Perhaps someone running 
an edgier version Debian (sarge/unstable/whatever) could try the same 
for me, and let me know? - as I feel sure I've read somewhere on the web 
that one or the other was available.

I have, however, noticed something called phpgroupware in my apt-cache, 
which looks very promising (lots of add-ons available and an API for 
writing your own).  Has anyone here tried it?

For that matter, what other Content Management System's have folks 
played with?

    Best wishes,


P.S.  By the way, you also get lots of hits from  apt-cache search zope

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