[sclug] Linux Firewalls and ADSL

Steven Lane steve at noxowls.com
Tue Jun 8 14:53:12 UTC 2004


I am looking into building a linux firewall router to act as a border to my
network.  I have been allocated five fixed IP addresses.  I want to build a
DMZ where I wish to run webservers.  Additionally I want to be able to
connect from another Internet location over a VPN to my Windows 2003 server.
Internal addresses need to be NAT'ed.

I was looking at smoothwall and IPCop.  Has anybody got any comments on
these products or recommendations regarding other Linux firewall distro's?
I was looking at putting an ADSL PCI card in the firewall to connect to the
Internet.  Does anybody have any recomendations for supported ADSL cards?


Kind Regards

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