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Scott Rixon Scott at Green-Flag.com
Sun Jun 27 17:17:06 UTC 2004

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I ordered it online and it arrived at my work the next day! In my office
~ I could get a connection at the back but not the front, so you need to
be carefull...

I let a mate in Theale borrow it and he didn't get a conection..
Throuble is when I got it back neither did I!

I booked and engineer, who came out.. I told them I thought it was a
faulty modem as I was getting a signal but could dial.. Swapped the
modem and it worked again....

I rebuild my smoothwall firewall for PPPoE, added the connection details
and it connected first time!

I don't think that it is a fast as my NTL 1mb.. It just feels a bit

What I want to do now is connect both NTL and Netvigator so I can load
balance.. Also means that when NTL goes down I will still have net

These guys make the hardware http://www.ipwireless.com/

It is a 3G technology.. They cannot sell the units with batteries as
that would make them roaming and the licence fee would be too high. They
hope to have full UK covarage by September!!!!

These guys http://www.possio.com/scripts/default.asp have a
Wireless/Blutooth battery powered base station! I am going to see if it
is possible to use one?!? Then I could have net access everywhere!

Could be very interesting technology... It's certainly nice to take it
with you and have net access on the laptop at anyones house.. Full UK
coverage will make this product REALLY usefull for mobile people!


Tom Dawes-Gamble wrote:
| Scott,
| Did you get it what is it like?
| Tom.

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