[sclug] PCMCIA *and* CardBus, at the same time?

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Mon Mar 8 15:58:34 UTC 2004

> My home server, gate.cowlark.com, is a low-end laptop. It's doing
> most of its
> I/O via a couple of PCMCIA cards.
> I recently had occasion to upgrade it to a 2.6 kernel (for a variety of
> reasons --- don't ask!). Unfortunately, I'm having rather a lot
> of trouble
> getting the PCMCIA setup to work.
> CardBus cards work fine; I plug the card in, it shows up on the
> PCI bus, and
> any existing PCI driver finds it.
> PCMCIA cards, however, don't. In particular, my Atmel wireless
> ethernet card
> that I really rather urgently need doesn't work. When I insert
> the card, I
> just get the message "Unable to apply power". A quick glance at
> the source
> reveals that the kernel's tried to turn on the power for the
> card, but it's
> failed. I suspect the issue is related to the fact that the card
> in slot 0 is
> my Cardbus ethernet card, running at 3.3V, and the card in slot 1 is my
> PCMCIA Atmel card, running at 5V.
> (I am a little interested to know how the kernel works out
> whether the given
> card is a 3.3V or 5V device, given that without applying some
> power it can't
> read any of the CIS information...)
> This is on a Toshiba Tecra 520CDT with the ToPIC PCMCIA chipset that's
> notoriously dodgy. It did, however, use to work. With 2.4, I
> eventually had
> to use the non-kernel PCMCIA drivers, but this isn't an option on 2.6.
> Has anyone seen anything at all similar? Or suggest anything to try?

IIRC the tecras (I have a 740 CDT) have a bios thingy to choose
PCMCIA/Cardbus, or just cardbus. In addition, seeing as these 2 relate to
laptop versions of ISA (PCMCIA, 16 bit)) & PCI (Cardbus, 32 bit), do you
have ISA enabled in the new kernel? It sounds to me like you don't.



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