[sclug] Useful info fixes for Debian and 2.6 kernels

Daniel Lower daniel_lower at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 14 11:43:39 UTC 2004


I'm glad theres talk of a second LUG meeting as I've missed the last
two friends birthday party and caught a bad cold.

Anyway anyone else whose upgraded to 2.6 on Debian Woody will
probably notice things are not quite right on startup.

First off disover - The automatic hardware detection module loader
then becomes broken naturally it's made for 2.4 kernels so naturally
it get's confused about the various 2.6 renmaes
Fix: mv /sbin/discover /sbin/discover.bad 

I haven't looked yet to see if there's a new hardware database or
fixes. apt-get install discover says mine is the latest.

Secondly /etc/init.d/modutils is broken 
as Kernel 2.6 ditches the proc file /proc/ksyms and it's now called
kallsyms so modify this line in modutils and all is well.
[ -f /proc/kayms ] || exit 0 to ....
[ -f /proc/kallsyms ] || exit 0

then you can put your 2.6 module names in /etc/modules and they'll 
load again.

I've also switched to ALSA as Kernel 2.6 is now supporting it.

The easiest way to a life of less misery is to think of ALSA as more
of an app and just compile the kernel with the Sound flag set and
 nothing else then build and install ALSA 1.02 is the one I'm using
and it's utilities seperately. 


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