[sclug] Maildir help

Roland Turner raz.fpyht.bet.hx at raz.cx
Fri Mar 19 06:50:57 UTC 2004


> I then create a .procmailrc file in my home directory with nothing more than
> MAILDIR=$HOME/Maildir/
> LOGFILE=$HOME/.maillog
> And then the mail ends up in /var/mail/scott

This is correct. You've merely set up a few environment variables, you've not actually told procmail to _DO_ anything, so it doesn't do anything. The implicit default rule (the rule that is run if no delivery rules match, e.g. if there are no rules at all) is something similar to:


If you want all incoming mail to be delivered somewhere else, then add a rule like:


(N.B. I'm not familiar with procmail's handling of maildirs and, in particular, whether or not the lock is required. If it is not, replace :0: with :0)

Another approach might be to set ORGMAIL to $MAILDIR but (a) this is self-defeating, ORGMAIL exists to allow you to get back to the original delivery target and (b) the implicit default rule may not actually refer to the environment variable. I really don't recall.

- Raz

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