[sclug] Connection problems

Alan Cocks aeclist at candt.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 6 19:56:03 UTC 2004

In article <20041106150325.82769.qmail at web25303.mail.ukl.yahoo.com>,
Major Stuart <stuartmajor at yahoo.co.uk> writes
>I have problems with my external 56k modem failing to
>connect to my unltd dial-up service with BT.  I use
>SUSE 9.0 and Kinternet tool.  Any ideas as to why it
>takes several attempts to connect and will not always
>load my web based email page?

Some ISPs run the lines and facilities very fully - no spare capacity =
lowest cost etc. If I understand correctly, you use an unlimited BT
service? I would not be surprised to expect the lines to be engaged
frequently - particularly at peak times.

Apart from trying at different times of day (or night) another way to
test your system is to sign up for another less pressured service
(Waitrose.com offer an 0845 dialup and account (free) and as it happens,
an 0800 freephone 24/7 technical helpline) (yes, true) and you can sign
up online, and the technical details such as server names etc are also
available online. I don't suppose it is useful to talk to the helpline
about linux in any detail though....)
Alan Cocks Berkshire UK

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