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Neil Haughton wrote:
> Are you allow to do this sort of thing these days? I read that under the 
> new Building Regulations tinkering with household electrics (other than 
> replacing the fuse or plugging in an adaptor or similar exercises) by 
> someone other than a registered electrician was now verboten, and 

Part P of the building regs makes much electrical work notifiable, i.e.
you have to notify it to the council's building control office who will
get someone in to test it (at your expense) unless it's done by a
suitable qualified sparks who can self-certify it. Principally this is
new stuff + kitchens and bathrooms: you may replace existing fittings or
extend existing circuits not in kitchens or bathrooms without notifying.

> anything affecting the CH System required a little man from CORGI to at 
> least be standing by supervising, and writing a certificate of 
> air-worthiness or something, not to mention a large bill :-)

Any gas work, as defined in
http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si1998/98245102.htm#2 (see definition of
'work') has to be done by a 'competent person' which is defined as a
CORGI reg if they're doing it for reward or by way of business, and left
to the interpretation of the powers that be in the case of DIY.

You're allowed to do pretty much what you like with the CH pipework &
controls but if you modified anything in the boiler itself you'd be on
thin ice. [IANAL etc.]

For discussions (some generating more heat than industrial heating
systems :-) on CH systems and HA google the uk.d-i-y archives.

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