[sclug] Samaba question

David Newcomb david.newcomb at bigsoft.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 13:32:24 UTC 2005

I use the same set up and it is a pain.
My 'smbusers'  contains:

djn = djn at dr-shi\djn\djn

So it doesn't matter which way XP decides to do it.

As you way it has stopped working, that could be anything!
I never really got to the bottom of it :( - Just now it works now!

On Wed, December 7, 2005 12:02 pm, Tim wrote:
> Thanks for that Chris
> have added the mapping
> but I now get TRANQUILITY\tim holmes from the Windows XP box
> Chris Aitken wrote:
>>>Hi all
>>>I have a small and probably stupid question about XP and Samba.
>>>I am trying to log on to a samba server from XP and although
>>>I have a 'tim' account on the samba server it wont log on. It
>>>reflects back TRANQUILITY\tim - tranquility being the name of
>>>the windows machine.
>>>Looking through books and the web there is the implication
>>>that I need a machine Id added to the samaba server, but this
>>>connection was working before I left to Egypt without a
>>>machine account on the Samba server.
>>>Any thoughts ?
>>You will only need a machine account if the XP machine is part of a
>> domain.
>>This does appear to be an XP issue, as my workstation (part of a domain)
>>insists on prepending the domain before my username.
>>To get round this, if you log on to your workstation & samba as 'tim',
>> map
>>the user name 'tim holmes' to tim (on samba), and log into samba as 'tim
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