[sclug] No external net connection

Derek M Jones derek at knosof.co.uk
Mon Dec 12 22:43:56 UTC 2005


I have just upgraded a machine to Suse 10.0 (from
9.3) and lost my internet connection :-(

No problem connecting (ftp, telnet, etc) to local

I cannot ping to an external ip address and am told
the network is unreachable instantly.  Firefox also
promptly tells me it cannot resolve an address.

Checked hosts.allow and hosts.deny.  The yast (Suse
tool) configuration options look ok (and the same as
a machine running 10.0 that can connect to the net).

Does anybody have any debugging suggestions or tips
(I would rather not turn the firewall off)?  There are
so many configuration files and daemons involved it
is hard to figure out how far the connection gets before
it fails.

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