[sclug] non-DHCP configuration in Suse 10.0

Derek M Jones derek at knosof.co.uk
Thu Dec 15 02:17:51 UTC 2005


My networking problem is finally solved :-)

Thanks to Alex Butcher for his patience and many suggestions.

It looks like the version of Yast (a system configuration
tool) shipped with Suse 10 can fail to include important
information in configuration files when the default (use DHCP)
is not used (in my case recolv.conf was missing the line

Manually setting a systems domain name will also result in
Yast automatically adding that domain to the DNS search
list.  To remove the name under Yast: tab to the field,
add at least one character to the name, then you can use
the backspace key to delete all characters.

10M download here I come...

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