[sclug] Laptop syncing /home

Darren Davison darren at davisononline.org
Thu Feb 17 13:45:33 UTC 2005


I'm thinking of buying a laptop and would like to be able to sync the /home
directory with my existing desktop (I already have a home LAN with
server/router/desktop) which I'll be keeping.  Is anyone else doing similar? 
Would rsync work well to keep the two up to date?  I was thinking of
scheduling it from the laptop via cron if the laptop detected the LAN.  Or are
there other better ways to handle something like this?  I don't know a great
deal about how rsync works, i.e. if it can be done 2-way, and conflict

I'd also like to centrally maintain login info via NIS/LDAP or something which
I don't do at all right now - how would this work when the laptop is
disconnected from the LAN, can it cache/sync the details?


Darren Davison
Public Key: #DD356B0D

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