[sclug] Funky music/video ideas?

Tom Chance lists at tomchance.org.uk
Tue Jan 11 22:44:27 UTC 2005


I'm helping to organise a big launch event for Remix Reading, a project I 
mentioned here a while ago, which will happen on March 1st. Since we're 
promoting free software as well as Creative Commons, it makes sense for us to 
be doing things at the event with free software like Linux where feasible :)

The event will involve various sub-events, including some time in between a 
press conference and some live performances that we want to fill with 
interesting demonstrations, workshops and other ideas people come up with.

So would anyone in the LUG be able and willing to do some cool stuff with 
audio / video software on Linux? Anything from just sitting at a workstation 
demonstrating Blender, to making some music in Hydrogen / Timidity / your 
tool of choice, to taking photos and them working on them in The GIMP, to 
<your idea here>. So long as it's interesting to watch, or possible for 
others to participate in, we're all ears!

If you haven't already, you can learn more about the project on our web site. 
A word of warning though: it's very slow at the moment, due to performance 
issues with ibiblio. We'll be moving to a nice donated dedicated server soon!

Kind regards,

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