[sclug] Which PCMCIA wifi card for Fedora core 3 ?

Martin Summers Martin.Summers at ansys.com
Tue Jan 18 16:02:45 UTC 2005

Hello Everyone,

This is my first posting on sclug, but I have been watching it for quite a while (in fact too long !), but have never got round to posting, or commenting on posts (..bad I know......:-( )

Anyway,considering I am so shy, I have been driven to posting this message out of frustration !

I have a Fedora core 3 linux distro installed on a laptop, and I wanted to use it for a bit of war-driving using kismet, and a few other demos, both wireless and not. However, I have had great difficulty finding a PCMCIA wireless card that works with kismet on Fedora core 3, that I can buy in the shops ! Can anybody recommend a card ?

So far, I have had 3 attempts:-

A D-link DWL-610 - modern PCMCIA card. I could only get this to work with the NDISwrapper, but I understand that kismet does not work with the NDISwrapper ? (unless someone can tell me otherwise !)

A Netgear WG511 card (made in china ) - I have found that this should work with the prism54 driver, however, the "made in china" version of this card is not supported ....yet (anyone had any luck with this type of card ?)

A dabs "value" card - Edimax EW7106PC Lan card - This is a realtek according to lspci. I got the realtek r18180 driver from teh realtek web site, but they only do proprietory versions of the driver for redhat 7 - 9. I tried compiling on Fedora, but there are a lot of headerfile and IRQ function definition problems. I have tried a couple of links, but it appears the definitions it needs are just not there (or called something different).

So, can anyone recommend a PCMCIA wireless card - 802.11b is fine, that  will use prism54 that works with kismet and Fedora core 3 ? A recommended palce to purchase from woul be nice too :-)



P.S I have been using http://www.kismetwireless.net/cards.shtml , but finding these cards for sale is not easy (unless someone knows somewhere !)

Martin Summers
UNIX System Administrator
ANSYS Europe Ltd

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