[sclug] RE: Newbie, partitioning 120Gb HDD - recommendations?

Douglas Brown Douglas.Brown at uk.com
Tue Jan 18 20:26:37 UTC 2005

Dear all,

I'd like to thank everyone who has replied, either directly, or via the digest. 
Too many of you to mention; you know who you are.

Yes, I now have N responders advocating M partitioning schemes, where M 
approaches N! :)

But that's good.  When I next get some time (very busy with theatre work 
currently), I'll sift through them all & come up with my own scheme that suits 
me. I'm especially indebted to those that gave helpful reasoning that underlies 
their scheme. This is a veritable gold mine, which I will ponder over.

Thanks for the information, and thanks for the warm hearted-welcome!

Douglas Brown

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