[sclug] Annoying thttpd problem

Martin Summers Martin.Summers at ansys.com
Wed Jan 19 14:56:00 UTC 2005


At a long shot: is the IP address the Debian host has a DHCP leased IP ? It maybe that when the DHCP  IP address lease is refreshed, it rebinds to the IP stack, upsetting (some) services.

By the way, this is a completely wild guess......
Somebody "shoot me down in flames" if I'm barking up the wrong tree...

-Martin Summers

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My home server run thttpd, because it's small, lightweight, and doesn't take 
15 seconds to start up on my elderly hardware. I really like it.

There is, however, one problem, which is that every so often it shuts down for 
no apparent reason. It doesn't crash, but it doesn't clean up after itself 
which means I have to manually remove the file in /var/run before I can 
restart it. It leaves these log messages:

Jan 19 06:34:16 tiar thttpd[3028]: up 86541 seconds, stats for 141 seconds:
Jan 19 06:34:17 tiar thttpd[3028]:   thttpd - 0 connections (0/sec), 0 max 
simultaneous, 0 bytes (0/sec), 9 httpd_conns allocated
Jan 19 06:34:17 tiar thttpd[3028]:   libhttpd - 125 strings allocated, 51222 
bytes (409.776 bytes/str)
Jan 19 06:34:17 tiar thttpd[3028]:   map cache - 40 allocated, 0 active (0 
bytes), 40 free; hash size: 1024; expire age: 1800
Jan 19 06:34:17 tiar thttpd[3028]:   fdwatch - 68 selects (0.48227/sec)
Jan 19 06:34:17 tiar thttpd[3028]:   timers - 4 allocated, 3 active, 1 free
Jan 19 06:34:17 tiar thttpd[8463]: socket :: - Address family not supported by 
Jan 19 06:34:17 tiar thttpd[8463]: bind - Address already in use
Jan 19 06:34:17 tiar thttpd[8463]: Could not perform initialization. Exiting.
Jan 19 06:34:18 tiar thttpd[3028]: exiting

Most of the message is its hourly stats dump (which I'd like to turn off 
because it's annoying). The last part is the unusual part.

I have no idea what's going on here. thttpd is being started from /etc/init.d, 
I don't have an entry in inetd.conf, I don't see why it's trying to rebind 
the address seeing as it's already running ---

Any insight to offer?

This is a Debian unstable system. (It did the same thing with stable.)

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