[sclug] Spamassasin / Procmail / Sendmail limiting problem

Hamlesh Motah admin at hamlesh.com
Thu Jan 20 10:22:03 UTC 2005

James and Keith,

Thanks guys, this should do the trick :)


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I think there's something you can do in the procmail rules to "lock the
mailbox" or similar to ensure that only one instance runs at a time
(presumably you're invoking spamassassin through procmail).  I think that
spamassassin itself also runs faster (ptic. if launched multiple
times) if you use the compiled spamc / spamd method rather than the
(perl) spamassassin executable itself.

Sorry if all this is a bit hazy, but if you google around for the terms
"infinite ink procmail spamassassin" (or variants on these) you should turn
up a * very * useful guide to setting up procmail, SA, etc.


 --- Hamlesh Motah <admin at hamlesh.com> wrote: 
> Hi all,
> I have recently setup a replacement local mail server.  The server 
> runs fetchmail, connects to an imap server, grabs new email, passes it 
> through spamassassin and delivers it locally.
> The problem I am having is if the machine has 100 emails to fetch it 
> ends up highly loaded and becomes really unresponsive.  Checking top 
> shows multiple copies of sendmail, procmail and spamassassin running.
> It's a little P2 ~300Mhz so you can imagine trying to run 30+ of the 
> above processes isn't fun for it :)
> When I setup the last machine to fulfil this role there was a flag 
> somewhere in a config file that would allow a throttle to be placed on 
> spamassassin, so that it only spools x number of processes.  I have 
> searched high, low, and on G and cant for the life of me find it.
> Am I imagining setting such a property the previous time?
> A very bemused Hamlesh.
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