[sclug] Hardware up for grabs

Paul Wright wrighty at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 14:51:07 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I'm moving out of Reading this weekend and I have a small pile of
computer bits that will be going to the dump unless homes can be found
for them between now and then.

AMD K6-2 350MHz, 128MB ram, 3DFX 16MB Banshee PCI graphics card, PCI
Sound Blaster card, NIC, CD writer (4x), floppy drive (currently
busted power supply) ran Win98SE without issue, even installed Linux
on it once.

Dual Processor Pentium Pro box, 2 x 200MHz Pentium Pro (256k on die
cache?).  2 x 128MB 72 pin SIMM(?), NIC, floppy drive - used as an MP3
/ Apache / MySQL / SMB server running FreeBSD

Pentium 100MHz desktop box - 32MB ram, three pci slots (graphics card
and 2 x NIC) which makes it an ideal firewall box.  Ran OpenBSD /
Smoothwall like a champ for three years when I had cable.

The above computers don't come with HDs as I don't have time to work
out what files I need to keep.  So I'm keeping the drives.

3com 12 port 100Mb managed switch, 19" rack mount, plenty of fans to
keep air moving therefore a little noisy to have in a study but under
the stairs is fine.  Still in box.

17" monitor, picture flickers occasionally.
14" monitor, great for those occasions when you've locked yourself out
the firewall in the basement.

All the above free to good homes though they must be collected from
West Reading[1] before Sunday.  First come, first served.


[1] - http://maps.google.com/maps?q=rg302js&spn=0.032532,0.061223&hl=en

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