[sclug] strip paths from file when tarring?

Darren Davison darren at davisononline.org
Sat Mar 5 23:05:55 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-03-05 at 21:47 +0000, John Stumbles wrote:

> like this?
> tar cjf mytar.tbz2 foo/ bar/; cd long/path/to/; tar cjf mytar.tbz2 \
> logfile.log
> not sure about the flags (cjf) - obviously you want to add the logfile
> to the now-existing archive file (and I can't be bottomed to rtfm,
> especially as I recall it's a $%&**! info file instead of a proper man
> page :-()

I think the append flag is 'A', but you can't append to a compressed
archive, so I guess I have to do..

tar cf mytar.tar foo/ bar/
cd long/path/to
tar Af ~/mytar.tar logfile.log
bzip2 ~/mytar.tar

It just seemed a bit unusually verbose, I assumed I was missing some
simple option to drop path names when adding to an archive.


Darren Davison
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