[sclug] Kit !

Alan Pearson alandpearson at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 21:52:36 UTC 2005

Hi all,
Shamless plug of kit FS !!
All TBC from maidenhead!

One Digital Server 5000 (SMP 2 x PPro 200, 256 Mb, Tape drive, 7 X 4Gb SCSI 
drives, 2 X SCSI interfaces). This is a really good server. 

One printer HP 843C, needs PSU (USB & Parallel)   free to good home

One DVD ROM, IDE, 6 months old, VERY little use ?5

SVGA monitor, BNC terminals, free to good home

HP DDS1 tape drive, SCSI, internal model 35470-00100, free to good home

Any amount of 4GB DEC SBB hard drives (ultra scsi) ?5 each.

Logitech 4000 pro webcam (works well with linux) cost ?60,    yours for ?15

Exceed V6 boxed (win NT, 95 / 98) - ?10

Industrial shelving unit, perfect for servers (7ft long, 2 x shelves, takes 2 
tonne in weight), blue in colour.........   cost ?160 ?40
BIt like this :
http://www.rapidracking.com/catalogue/catalogue.asp?id=1&rangeID=1    (choose 
1980 x 1830 x 610)        

End shameless plug.......

Thanks !

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