[sclug] Amstrad Emailer charges

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Thu Mar 10 12:22:33 UTC 2005

We were talking last night about the Emailer --- I found the list of

? Email - an email session on the Amstrad E3 costs 15* pence (plus local
call rate per minute). One session allows you to send multiple emails as
well as collect & receive all waiting email at the same time.
? Video calling - 50p* per call - plus the cost of the phone call.
? Surfing - 5p* per minute at ALL times.
? Photo send - 25p* per email with photo attachment.
? MMS - ?1.00* per message sent.
? SMS - 50p* per message sent.
? Games - Charges vary - view on screen prior to ordering.
? Polyphonic ringtones - ?1.50* per min and last approximately 
  2 mins 40 seconds.
? FAX - ?1.00* per fax message sent.

Video calls use a nasty proprietry protocol and can only be made to
other emailers.

Basically, it looks all right for granny's email (one send/receive
session a day is about a pound a week), but you really don't want to
touch any of the other stuff.

Internally the Emailer Plus is an ARM7TDMI with 8MB flash, 64MB RAM,
USB, and a bunch of interesting looking devices. The videophone version,
however, is an ARM9 and runs Linux...


Given that the Emailer Plus, the E2, is about thirty quid and quite well
documented, it looks like it would make a great hack machine. Apparently
there are some people working on porting ucLinux to it.

David Given <dg at cowlark.com>

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