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Alan Pearson alandpearson at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 13 21:32:46 UTC 2005

HI all

Just a short update on this.
I haven't forgot, and there has been a small hic-up in using my work 

Basically the 'building manager' is being a bit of a sh1t (he is 
renowned for it) and has put the kabosh on it.
However my boss (who is a VP) was rather annoyed at this and is 
escalating the issue.

I'll keep you all posted.
If it doesn't work out I'll investigate other places.

On 15 Feb 2005, at 13:48, Alan Pearson wrote:

> All,
> I work for a rather large Telco Vendor in the Video Server area. (No 
> it's not Three !)
> We have a large base in Maidenhead not far from the train station.
> I have asked the VP of our division if it would be possible to use the 
> facilities here once per month for hands on days.
> Surprisingly he agreed. I've still some details to sort out, but it is 
> looking good.
> Initially we have a room that can hold 20 - 25 people and access to 
> some equipment like projectors, TVs and probably one PC allowing 
> Internet Access. Connecting to the company LAN will not be allowed, 
> but I have access to all facilities to create our own LAN, and 
> probably a server.
> We also have a lot of equipment like monitors, power blocks, LAN 
> cables and all the normal stuff you would need for such a day.
> The exact location of our place if 1/2 mile from train station, up 
> Shoppenhangers road beside A404 turnoff.
> As the answers from the survey have seen the max YES votes for 
> Maidenhead, this seems like a good offer.
> We'd need to use it responsibly and for real things (i.e. not LAN Game 
> parties !).
> What is the general feeling on this ?
> Also what ideas do folks have that we could do ?
> Ideally the company would also like to get something out of it, I'm 
> not sure what. Maybe we could acknowledge them some way or other ? The 
> VP seemed to think access to the brightest minds would be a good 
> perk.....  me... I'm not so sure after seeing some posts on this list 
> :-)))
> Anyway feedback appreciated.
> AlanP
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