[sclug] Is it a scam?

Paul Cairney lists at cairney.me.uk
Thu Mar 17 16:01:27 UTC 2005

Yeah, I got that with a local IT recruitment firm who got my my job. He

was quite open about it and told me a bill with my current address was 
sufficient, so I provided him with a scan of the top sheet of my bt 
phone bill to confirm I am "not an alien from Mars" (his words). We did 
discuss the fact the regulations are a joke as anybody with a suitable 
bill/scanner/image manipulation package could submit something passable.

Also they are required to ask for this ID, but not obligated to have it 
in order to recommend you to client, they are merely obligated to inform 
the client they havent managed to check this and thus it becomes the 
clients legal responsibility to verify this before they make you an offer.


Paul Cairney

James Packham wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm currently job hunting and got this email last night. The fact it 
> asked for ID when none of the other agencies I've tried have set off 
> mental alarm bells..
> Has anyone heard of this DTI legislation?
> I checked the Computer People website and I couldn't find a Cheshire 
> office on the contact page.
> Ripe.net says their mail server IP belongs to Office Angels Ltd
> Am I just being paranoid?
> Cheers,
> James
> p.s. sorry this isn't really a Linux question, but it is an IT agency...

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