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I will echo what Alex Butcher says: 

Centos for (free) Redhat Enterprise stability - but does not really have the bleeding edge stuff. If you need serious dedicated support, then you can go for the real Redhat Workstation, but it costs money...
Centos is good general purpose solid and stable IMHO.

If you want desktop, and lots of gizmos and bleeding edge, then SuSE 10 is nice. Can be a bit hefty installation wise and it can load the machine a bit. Lots of good stuff in there and excellent for desktop use. You'll discover packages and projects included in there that you never heard of before (at least, I did !)

If you want to learn about stuff - then Fedora is nice. So is debian and slackware. I think the debian install has got better, but I have not tried installing Sarge yet. I mention Slackware as I know it has influenced a lot of modern linux users to go back to basics ( I am not sure if that's a good thing or not !)

If you want nostalgia - I wonder if its still possible to get the old yggdrasil distribution. I have the 1993 version somewhere but nothing earlier than that.... it's not practical, but a bit of a laugh as it runs on a 386 DX with X and everything in 4MB RAM.

-Martin Summers

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	I want "the latest", so that new headers are used.
	I want mostly stable, so that I can patch and stay with it.
	I like the idea of LAN installs, maybe LAN boots, or local core pkg copies
	I like HedRot, because its a broad platform, easy install for others, ...
	It's a long time since I hated Debian install - time to forgive?
	I've seen the name "Ubuntu", what do you think?
	I dont have time to download a dozen trial bootable-CD's - serious recommendations?
	I sometimes ignore the distro, and install my own /tools/2006/ from unpatched .tgz's
	I usually hate the provided firewall, xinetd, ..., but lifes like that.
	I do want the package source, to encourage (me) to take a peek.
	DVD is preferred. I'm not messing with CD shuffling. (Single layer = easy copy)
	I have a medium Athlon, and a clockwork-celery laptop (800x600) LAN-ONLY!

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