[sclug] NFS exports and transient network

Darren Davison darren at davisononline.org
Tue Nov 1 14:07:51 UTC 2005

On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 01:37:57PM +0000, Dickon Hood wrote:

> can fail?  Do you know what that means?).  As such, someone made the
> decision a long time ago to force all NFS mounts to lock until the server
> comes back.

problem is, the mounts continue to lock long after the server has come back.
If the server disappears and returns without me trying to access the mount
point in any way, I'm fine.  If I access it while the server has wandered off
then I'm screwed until I force a power down.  (Although now I mention it, that
may be the CIFS mounts, not the NFS ones : see other response in this thread)

> Yup.  Be aware of bad code, though.  If your NFS server disappears whilst
> you're saving to it, make sure you take a second copy locally before
> closing the document...

*nods.  Thanks.

Darren Davison
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