[sclug] Performance tuning

Matt matt at bodgit-n-scarper.com
Fri Nov 18 00:32:42 UTC 2005

* David Kerrawn (sclug) <sclug at kerrawn.co.uk> [2005-11-18 00:05:12]:
> > 
> > Can't you do a similar thing with the BSD process accounting?
> > 
> Very good point. I had forgotten about that. It does require that it
> is in the kernel though.  It's not in my current kernel but it will be
> when I next reboot. I'll have a look at it then so I can have a play.

I'm fairly confident it's in most stock distro kernels by default, of
course all bets are off with home-rolled ones.

It's disabled until you run accton(8) anyway so IMO a fairly harmless

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