[sclug] Php mail

Bob Franklin r.c.franklin at reading.ac.uk
Mon Nov 28 17:23:28 UTC 2005

On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, Peter Brewer wrote:

> 550-Verification failed for <www-data at reading.ac.uk> 550-Unrouteable address 
> 550 Sender verify failed (in reply to RCPT TO command))

That is the error - the sender of your email is 'www-data' - probably 
that's the username which is running your WWW server.  When it hits the 
University mailserver, it is probably qualifying it with '@reading.ac.uk' 
(although that could be being done on your system) and verifying it to see 
if it's a valid sender address.

You need to set the sender address to be something valid -- either your 
personal email address or something else (e.g. if you have a project 
account, you could use that).  Then the system will let it through.

You could set it to one of your non-University address (although I assume 
you're not using the University systems for non-University business!) and 
it will accept it, as long as the domain exists and is routable for mail.

Another alternative, if you don't want to receive replies, is to send it 
out as 'nobody at reading.ac.uk', which just goes down a hole, if anyone 
mails it, or it bounces.  Whether you want to receive bounces can 
determine your choice; p.w.brewer at nowhere.reading.ac.uk is another way to 
send out mail with a valid address that blackholes replies.

It is also good form to set the 'real name' part of the sender as this 
will be what people see in their MUA.

   - Bob

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