[sclug] PC giveaway

Keith Edmunds keith at midnighthax.com
Mon Nov 28 19:37:42 UTC 2005

I've got two systems available for free. Both are tower systems and both 
run Linux just fine. I've installed Debian on both just to prove they 
work OK. I doubt they're really suitable for running X, but they'd be 
great for someone who wants to learn Linux at the command line. Note 
these are just the system boxes - no monitor, keyboard, mouse.

System A: Athlon 750Hz CPU, floppy, CD, NIC, 6.4Gb disk, not sure about 
memory (I forgot to check), but I think 256Mb. Currently has Debian 

System B: Pentium 2, 400Hz, 256Mb RAM, 6.4Gb disk, CD, soundcard, 
floppy, NIC. Currently has Debian installed.

You'll need to collect from here (2 miles from  J11 M4). Please drop me 
PM if interested.

I also still have the items from my earlier mail available:

- Set of four "Exam Cram" books for Windows NT4 comprising "NT Server 4 
in the Enterprise", "NT Workstation 4", "NT Server 4" and "Networking 

- D-Link DE-530 network card, PCI, with twisted pair and co-ax connections

- 850Mb IDE disk

- 3.1Gb IDE disk

- 3.2Gb IDE disk

Keith Edmunds

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