[sclug] Kerberos + Windows + Tiger Server !

Pearson Alan alandpearson at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 26 15:01:41 UTC 2006

Hi guys

I'm trying to get kerberos to work with Win XP.

This is the setup :

Apple Tiger Server - pretending to be a PDC, running Open Directory &  
Samba & Kerberos

Several RHEL boxen which happily authenticate using kerberos  
(password-less login , excellent :-)

And Win XP desktops.. ugh.

So far all the XP desktops happily talk to the Tiger thinking they  
are part of an active directory domain.
All users on windows have the same logins on all the unix boxes and  
get the same home directory etc.
That is rather cool.

If you go from Unix box (or indeed any OS/X box) you can login to all  
the other Unix boxes without passwords using kerberos. Truly a nice  

I however want the XP boxes to be part of my Kerberos realm AND the  
NT domain, so that the NT boxes can also have single sign on.

I've looked at the MSKB articles, but they generally aren't too helpful.

Anyone ever done this ?



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