[sclug] multiple X servers

darren at davisononline.org darren at davisononline.org
Sun Mar 19 15:31:33 UTC 2006

Can anyone give me pointers on getting my machine to run two separate X
servers for 2 different users?  I've done this in the past by using
gdmflexserver (part of the GDM) which I'd like to get rid of as I have
issues with it.

I've been playing around with ~/.xserverrc files and similar but all so far
unsuccessfully.  Simply, I'd like two users to be able to login to a
console, run startx (or whatever) and always get 2 different servers on
different VT's.

Pointers to a good howto or similar would be appreciated as google seems to
be a bit clueless on this one.

Darren Davison
Public Key: 0xDD356B0D
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