[sclug] What distro?

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Mon May 8 22:24:15 UTC 2006

Alex Butcher wrote:

> Does he really use the W98 interface in anything like an 'expert' 
> manner? Or
> does he just use it to start programs and manage files? If so, virtually
> anything will be adequate. Personally, I think GNOME is better for new
> Windows converts as KDE looks too similar and makes them think all their 
> old
> tricks will work. GNOME reinforces the understanding that Linux is Not
> Windows.

OTOH for someone used to windoze keyboard shortcuts being able to set 
kde to Redmond mode is a relief. Alt-Space + N/X to minimize/maximise, 
Alt-F4/^F4 to close (ptui! - I do prefer ^Q/^W) ... even Ctrl-Esc for 
start-apps menu. (I had to use a 'doze box the other day and found that 
my fingers still remembered how to copy & paste in a DOS window, but I 
can't consciously tell you what keys they were!)

> Image Viewer: GIMP (overkill, but..), xv, eog (aka Eye of Gnome), gliv
I like gwenview, and sometimes kuickshow.

Maybe also a notepad equivalent[1] - kwrite / kate / gedit / ...?

And a calculator?

[1] well the nearest we get to an equivalent in Linux, i.e. something 
that isn't braindead. Gah! the number of times I've chewed the carpet 
trying to view a file with non-CRLFs in notepad [shudder]

John Stumbles

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